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Exhibition Scope

1. Boats:
Kayaking, rubber dinghies, surf boats, rowing boats, jet skis, fishing boats, tourist boats, luxury yachts, gaily-painted pleasure-boat, pedal boats, dragon boats, electric boats, inflatable boats with tents, hovercrafts, drifting boats, etc.;

2. Diving Supplies:
Related Services: Diving resorts, liveaboard diving, diving centers, diving clubs, diving training schools, tourism bureaus, etc.;
Supplies: Diving suits, diving masks, snorkel, diving fins, buoyancy compensators, diving instruments, diving boots, diving flashlights, depth gauges, diving watches, diving knives, diving decompression tables, underwater photography & video equipment, etc.; 

3. Surfing & Water Skiing Equipment:
Kinds of surf boats, sailboats, windsurfing boards, surfing kites, surfing suits, surfboards, water skis, traction ropes, wetsuits and other equipment;

4. Swimming Supplies and Equipment:
Supporting equipment for swimming pools, swimwear, swimming caps, goggles, sunscreen and skincare products, diving platforms, swimming gears, pool floaters, antibacterial towels, slippers, swimming teaching appliances, etc.;

5. Water Sports Supplies:
Beachwear, outdoor sportswear and other clothing; beach sports equipment; beach supplies, sunglasses, fashion accessories, backpacks, footwear, hats, souvenirs, toys, etc.;

6. Water Park Equipment:
Water walking balls, inflatable trampolines, water bicycles, water tricycles, water scooters, water rock climbing, water seesaws, water balance beams, water slides, water bouncing balls, and other inflatable water products and recreation equipment;

7. Water Safety Products and Lifesaving Supplies: 

Inflatable floating beds, inflatable swimming rings, swimming arm rings, inflatable swimming pools and other related inflatable products; lifeboats, life jackets, life rafts, lights, line throwing equipment, marine fire extinguishers, medical supplies and emergency supplies, water transportation supporting facilities, maritime communication, navigation and monitoring equipment, search and rescue satellite aided tracking system;

8. Yacht clubs, water sports clubs, planning and construction companies for water sports centers, supporting facilities, wharf facilities, yacht trailers, second-hand yacht transactions, water recreation facilities, water tourism promotion agencies, urban water culture and water tourism companies.