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SKI-BOAT magazine

SKI-BOAT magazine — established in 1985 — is Africa’s leading deep sea angling publication with an extensive readership in South Africa as well as many other parts of the world.As the voice of offshore angling in Africa, SKI-BOAT is the perfect advertising medium for all industry-related products, from boats to motors, fishing tackle to accessories, venues to fishing/boating-related services.SKI-BOAT’s content covers all aspects of the sport including boat tests, features on motors, venues, fishing tips fom the experts, the latest innovations and reports on major angling tournaments, with a strong editorial slant towards ethical fishing and the cause of the recreational angler in South Africa.  As the official magazine of the South African Deep Sea AnglingAssociation, SKI-BOAT is highly regarded in corporate and government circles, and conveys to sport- and resource management administration the views of the everyday deep sea angler. SKI-BOAT is published bi-monthly (six times a year) and is in print and digital format.Visit our website for further details or email <>.